Development of the Brick Schema can be found on GitHub

Brick is created from collective efforts.


The Brick schema files were generated by:

  1. Identifying necessary terminologies from existing building metadata and modern applications. The result is the Building application list.
  2. Organizing the terminologies into Tags/Tagsets in a spreadsheet. The result is the Schema Engineering Sheet
  3. Converting the spreadsheet into Turtle files. This was done using the Brick schema generator
  4. The generated schema is available on the Getting Brick page.


General extension of brick should be done by posting an issue on github. Experimental extensions can be implemented in separate namespaces.


The Brick examples and most of our development was done using the Python rdflib library.

Issue Tracking

We welcome any comments through Github issue page (Issues). Issues will be reviewed regularly by a board meeting. In particular, we are pleased to listen to you for missing Tagsets and inaccurate definitions.